Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Red Rock and Ripstop

Ozone 2009 American Desert Photo Shoot:

Matt Gerdes from The Ozone Team flew into Salt Lake with six brand new gliders from the 09 product line and told us we had 10 days to get as many different pictures as possible. With Loren Cox as the main Photographer and John James doing both video and pictures, Carson, Matt, and I were off to the races. It was a busy 10 days going as far north as Bear Lake on the Idaho/Utah border, south all the way into Arizona, and back to Salt Lake in a big loop. We made the most of the unpredictable fall weather and ended up with some incredible shots and an adventure not soon forgotten. Here's the goods:

Video edited by John James and Cade Palmer with titles by Loren Cox

Red Rock and Ripstop - 2009 Ozone Gliders Photo Shoot from Ozone Films on Vimeo.

Slide Show of some of the better photos. (from Loren's Flickr)

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